Annual Wellness Exams

There’s no substitute for preventative care when protecting your pet’s health. Like people, pets are susceptible to all kinds of conditions and diseases. Through preventative wellness exams, our Ferndale veterinarian can detect health problems early on, before they become major issues that require lengthy treatment. Preventative pet care from the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County can help your pets near Ferndale, Monticello, Liberty, and Sullivan County stay healthy well into their senior years.


Pet Wellness Care: the Key to Good Health

Pet wellness exams are a key component of preventative care. Your pet’s exam will begin with a nose to tail inspection to evaluate his health. Your veterinarian will check your pet’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and skin to detect signs of infections or diseases. We’ll examine your pet’s abdomen to determine if he has any clear organ problems and check his joints for arthritis. We’ll also listen to his heart and lungs for signs of cardiovascular or respiratory issues. Most adult dogs and cats can benefit from an annual exam. Senior pets may need an evaluation twice a year to keep them in optimal health.

If your pet is due for booster shots, your veterinary team may have him vaccinated during his wellness exam. Vaccinations protect your pet from many diseases that can seriously impair his health and are extremely important as a part of preventative pet care. At our veterinary hospital, we also carry PUREVAX vaccines to protect all of our feline patients.  

Dental care is part of wellness care, as well. Routine dental exams and professional cleanings will reduce dental problems like loose teeth, abscesses, and periodontal disease.

If needed, our animal hospital will conduct blood, urine, and fecal sample tests to detect signs of parasites or health conditions. We’ll recommend parasite medications that can keep your pet free of these pests throughout the year.

Other Aspects of Preventative Care

At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, your pet can benefit from a wide range of preventative care services to enhance his health. In addition to wellness exams, dental care, vaccinations, and diagnostic testing, our animal hospital offers these services for your cats and dogs:

-Spay and neuter procedures to prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect your pet from reproductive diseases.

-Nutritional counseling to educate you on your pet's dietary needs. A healthy diet will enhance your pet's health and fitness. 

-Behavioral counseling to help your pet establish healthy socialization habits and skills. A well-behaved pet is easier to bond with, making him a better lifetime companion.

-Dermatology services to protect your pet from skin rashes, irritations, and infections caused by allergies or other health conditions. 

Visit Our Ferndale Veterinarian for Preventative Care

When it comes to your pet’s health, an “ounce of prevention” could be the key to a healthier, happier life for your pet. To schedule preventative care services for your cats or dogs, contact the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County at 845-292-6711 today. We look forward to meeting all your pet care needs.

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