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Common Pet Issues

Come to Ferndale, NY for Your Trusted Veterinarian in Sullivan County

Your dog or cat is one of your most trusted companions. Knowing the signs of common pet issues will help ensure they continue to live a long healthy life! If you want to keep your pet healthy for life, you need a trusted veterinarian in Sullivan County. Come see us in Ferndale, NY, and make us the veterinarian you’ve been looking for.

common pet issues explained by your trusted veterinarian in ferndale

The Most Common Pet Health Problems

The majority of cat and dog health problems fall into relatively few categories. Parasites often cause the most trouble, which includes fleas, ticks, and worms. Diseases and infections are also among the most common pet health problems, as are old age-related diseases such as arthritis. As with humans, dental disease and obesity also count among the most common pet health problems.

Kidney Failure, Heatstroke, Poisoning and Other Signs

Some of the most serious health conditions for pets include poisoning, which typically results from eating turned food, toxic plants or poison such as pesticides or rat bait. If your pet is poisoned, they may experience kidney failure, vomiting, seizures and more.

Heatstroke can also cause serious health problems, including kidney failure. If your pet is panting, drooling, lethargic or otherwise abnormal, it’s critical to get them to a vet immediately. They may be suffering from heatstroke, which can prove fatal if left untreated.

Common Conditions and Dangerous Symptoms: Vomiting in Dogs

Dogs suffer from several common conditions, including ear infections, worm infestations, fleas and ticks, hotspots (bacterial skin infections that result from licking or chewing), diarrhea and vomiting. Vomiting in dogs is an especially telling sign that something is wrong, as it may result from a multitude of factors, including worms, intestinal parasites, kidney failure, heatstroke or eating something toxic. If you notice vomiting in your dog, contact us right away.

Vomiting is also serious for cats. In addition, your feline friend is susceptible to urinary tract infections, fleas, tapeworms and eye issues.

Make an Appointment with Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

If you notice anything wrong with your pet, it’s wise to call a vet. Medical and surgical problems have a better outcome if diagnosed and treated early. Call Animal Hospital of Sullivan County at 845-292-6711. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine checkup, we’ll help ensure your pet experiences the best possible health for life.



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