Flea & Tick Prevention and Treatment

Help Your Dog Battle Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a painful reality with dogs and cats, and they need some help from their humans to stay free of these parasites. Fleas and ticks cause irritation and can spread disease. They can also bring these parasites into the house and the pests can then get on people. Prevention is the key, however, as fleas and ticks are easier to prevent than to get rid of at times. The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, serving Ferndale, Monticello, and Liberty, is here to help you control these pests that torment your animals with the best of veterinary care.


Treatment Options

There are several ways to protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks with proper pet care. We have pills, and chewable type medications, that you can give your pet  monthly. These will cause your dog or cat to put off the smell that repels ticks and fleas.  We have very effective topical products in our office that have the latest science backing them.  There are also flea and tick collars, which repel the pests as well. These collars do not have the speed of kill that veterinary products have and can lose effectiveness if they get wet.   Another option is a spray that can be used, much like what humans use. Consulting with your veterinarian, you will be able to formulate the best plan for your dogs or cats.


Medication helps repel fleas and ticks, but no matter what you do, some are bound to make their way to your dogs or cats.  Examine your pets regularly, especially if they have been in a wooded area, for pests that may have attached themselves. Also, check out the petl if you notice them scratching more than usual.  It is a good idea to wash your pet's bedding occasionally during the summer months when fleas and ticks are most active. Pay attention to where ticks are likely to be, and be extra careful in those areas with your pet. If you like walking around in the woods with your dogs, you will likely encounter a few ticks.

Use Real Products

It is a good idea to buy your flea and tick prevention medication from a veterinarian. This way you are assured you are getting the genuine article as some have sold fakes, or outdated goods, to people. Your veterinarian can help you determine the best route for your individual pet to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Call Us

Call the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County today for all your veterinary needs, and to help you battle fleas and ticks that torment your pets. We believe pet care should be a team effort. We serve the areas around Ferndale, Monticello, and Liberty in Sullivan County. We can help you as you help your pets battle pests like fleas and ticks. You can call us at 845-292-6711 to schedule an appointment today!

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