Heartworm and Flea Prevention

Preventative Care from Our Ferndale Veterinarian

At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, our Ferndale veterinarian and team believe strongly in preventative care for pets. We know first-hand just how important regular preventative care exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention can be to a pet's overall health and wellness. That's why we specialize in preventative care services here in our office. 


If you have a pet that is not currently on a flea and heartworm prevention plan or you're not happy with the prevention plan your pet is on, it may be time to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team.

The Importance of Heartworm and Flea Prevention

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites are not just annoying pests; they can be downright dangerous to your pet's health. Ticks, for instance, can carry Lyme Disease, which can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated properly. Furthermore, fleas can affect your pet's health in a number of ways. In most cases, fleas become an annoyance to your pet's skin, causing your pet to scratch or itch at the area. Over time, this can lead to sores and cuts on the skin, as well as bald or missing patches of fur. In turn, your pet's skin can also become more prone to infections. 

And of course, heartworm can be extremely dangerous to your pet. While most common in dogs, heartworms can also affect cats (especially those who spend a lot of time outdoors). Some of the more common symptoms of heartworm include coughing, lethargy, and unexplained weight loss. Over time, heartworm could even be fatal if it is left untreated.

How the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County Can Help

The good news is that fleas, heartworms, ticks, and other parasites can be avoided with the right prevention plan from the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County. Specifically, we have a variety of different medications and preventatives that we can prescribe to your pet here in our office, with Vectra being among the most popular options. These prescribed medications are stronger and more successful in preventing fleas and heartworm in pets than the options you can purchase at your local pet store. They also come with fewer risks and potential side effects, so you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Furthermore, our Animal Hospital of Sullivan County veterinarian team can provide you with some advice on protecting your pet from regional health concerns, such as Anaplasmosis and Lyme Disease. We can also give you some tips on what to do if and when you spot a tick or flea on your pet so that you can remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Request an Appointment with Our Veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County:

If you're looking for a prevention medication you can rely on for your pet's health, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County today! Our team is happy to help, so give us a call at 845-292-6711 today to set up an appointment.



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