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Pet Allergies Treatment at Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, NY

Spring flowers and summer foliage may look enticing, but as an allergy sufferer can tell you, they can also pack a wallop. But allergies are a problem for pets as well as humans, with potential allergens ranging from chemicals to foods. If your pet is suffering from a rash, compulsive itching, or other intrusive allergy symptoms, bring him to our Ferndale veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, for their necessary diagnosis and treatment.


From Flowers to Foods: The Wide World of Allergies

When your pet displays an allergy, their body is overreacting to a stimulus that would normally be ignored as harmless. Allergens trigger the immune system to pump out substances such as histamine in an attempt to neutralize the "danger." Unfortunately, this well-intentioned response only makes your pet miserable.

Some allergies are triggered by contact with specific flowers, leaves, or molds, while others stem from airborne pollutants or chemicals. Fleas and ticks cause itching when their bites trigger allergic reactions. Even the ingredients in certain pet foods can cause allergies to act up.

Signs That Your Pet Has Allergies

An allergic reaction can cause diarrhea, vomiting, respiratory symptoms (runny nose, sneezing), and red, itchy lesions on the skin (allergic dermatitis). In the worst-case scenario, your pet may experience a frightening condition called anaphylactic shock. Symptoms may include irregular heartbeat, collapse, and life-threatening breathing problems due to swelling of the airway. Always treat this condition as a veterinary emergency!

Our Veterinarian Can Resolve Your Pet's Itching, Rash, and Other Symptoms

While our veterinarian can provide immediate treatment to relieve acute allergy symptoms, the long-term goal is to discover the root cause of the allergy so we can try to eliminate it from your pet's everyday life. Our veterinarian does this by administering serum allergy tests (analysis based on blood test results). We can also eliminate one ingredient at a time from your pet's diet to pinpoint a food allergy. Once we understand which allergen we're fighting, we can help your pet through:

  • Flea/tick prevention
  • Anti-fungal drugs
  • Hypoallergenic diets
  • anti-inflammatory agents
  • Antihistamines
  • Environmental recommendations
  • Desensitization with allergy vaccines specific for your pet

Call Our Ferndale Veterinarian Today to Find Allergy Relief for Your Pet

Bear in mind that allergies aren't just a spring and summer problem, either for humans or for pets. While some allergies are seasonal in nature, others may pose year-round challenges. No matter what season it is, you can always obtain the relief your pet desperately needs by calling the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County at 845-292-6711. Our veterinary hospital is ready to help your pet feel better!

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