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Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Services at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

When you must travel on business, enter the hospital or otherwise be separated from your beloved pet for a certain length of time, you may spend so much time worrying about his health and happiness in your absence that you can't focus on what you're trying to accomplish. Boarding your pet can relieve those worries while ensuring that your furry family member feels loved and cared for until you can return -- and boarding your pet with your veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County gives him access to all the medical care he might need. That's why the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County is happy to offer pet boarding services for Sullivan County pets.


Why Veterinary Boarding Makes Good Sense

While simply having someone check on your pet every day while you're away may sound like an easy solution, veterinary boarding makes a great deal more sense for a variety of reasons. For instance:

  • It can help prevent separation anxiety. Animals don't like to feel abandoned, and your pet isn't likely to understand why you suddenly disappeared. This can lead to separation anxiety, which can make your pet miserable and possibly even destructive. We offer a social environment where plenty of human attention is always on hand.
  • It can safeguard your pet against an unexpected medical event. You might have a well-meaning friend visiting your pet once or twice a day -- but what happens if a health crisis occurs at any other time? You'll rest easier knowing that your pet has ready access to a veterinarian on our team at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County if an emergency occurs.
  • It can provide extra care and monitoring for a pet with special needs. Do you have an elderly pet or a pet with a chronic medical condition? These animals typically need careful monitoring and/or regular doses of medications. Our veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of  Sullivan County can make sure all his special medical needs are met during his/her boarding stay.

Boarding Your Pet at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

Rest assured that your pet will have a good time here at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County. In addition to top-quality health care from your Sullivan County veterinarian, we provide nutritious meals, clean and restful enclosures, and regular playtime and exercise opportunities. Dogs love the social atmosphere of our dog boarding area, while feline guests can relax in the quiet, peaceful environment of our cat boarding area.

Schedule a Pet Boarding Stay at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

It's always advisable to start planning your pet's boarding stay as far in advance as possible. For one thing, we will want to make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations, for the sake of all our guests. Availability may also become limited during heavy travel seasons such as holidays. Call the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County at 845-292-6711 right now so we can be ready to welcome your pet!

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