Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping at Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, our Ferndale veterinarian is happy to offer microchipping procedures as one of our many services. This quick procedure involves placing a tiny microchip underneath the surface of your pet's skin. This chip is embedded and programed with a unique ID number, which can be linked to your personal contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.). If your pet goes missing and is found without a collar or other identifying information, a microchip scanner can be used to retrieve your contact information and reunite you with your pet.


Benefits of Having Your Pet Microchipped

Having your pet microchipped drastically increases your chances of being reunited with your pet in the event that he or she goes missing. In fact, the reunion rate for dogs without microchips is just 22%, compared with more than 52% among microchipped dogs. Even higher reunion rates have been reported with cats who have been microchipped. Unlike a collar and tags, which can easily come off your pet when he or she goes missing, a microchip is embedded underneath your pet's skin and thus will not become lost. Having your pet microchipped is a quick and easy process at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, and doing so can give you added peace of mind.

What to Expect From the Microchipping Procedure

When you bring your pet in for a microchipping procedure with our vet, the entire process will take just a few moments. We use a special tool to insert and embed the tiny chip underneath your pet's skin. The chip is typically placed in between a pet's shoulder blades. During the placement, your pet may feel a quick stinging sensation (similar to when he or she receives a vaccine), but the embedding of the chip should not hurt. Side effects are typically not an issue with microchipping at all, though some pets with sensitive skin may experience a small amount of swelling around the site that should subside within a day or so.

After you have your pet microchipped, it is important that you follow through with the registration of the chip. The registration process is essentially what "activates" your pet's chip and puts all of your contact information into the system. You can register your chip by contacting the microchip company directly; be sure to also update your registration with them any time your contact information changes.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Ferndale Veterinarian

Ready to book your cat or dog microchipping appointment with our Ferndale veterinarian? If so, give the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County a call today; you can reach our office by calling (845) 292-6711.

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