Rabies Prevention

How to Get Rabies Prevention for Your Pet in Sullivan County

One of the best ways to help your pet is with rabies prevention. You never want to risk dogs or cats encountering rabid animals, whether they are found in the backyard or along your morning walk. By visiting our veterinarian in Ferndale at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we can ensure you get the care that you need.


Why Is Rabies Prevention Important?

Rabies prevention is important for several reasons. First, it is state law in New York. If you are going to have any kind of pet, you will need to make sure that your pet remains up to date on all of their rabies vaccines.

Another reason is to keep your pet in good health throughout the year. All sorts of animals in your neighborhood may be rabid – skunks, bats, raccoons, and even dogs and cats. They may not appear to be rabid until after the disease has progressed.

Rabies is almost always fatal and there is no cure. As such, the best form of protection for your pet is through rabies prevention. With help from our veterinary services, we can ensure your pet is properly taken care of.

How Can A Veterinarian Help?

By visiting a veterinarian, you can learn more about rabies prevention. Although the shots are required in New York for any household pet, there are other things that you can do, too. It is important to keep your pet under control, so they do not come into contact with any rabid animal.
All your pets should be kept indoors. If they do go outside for any reason, be sure you know what is in your backyard. They should always be supervised.

The rabies vaccine should be administered for the first time when your dog is around 12 weeks of age. After that, New York dictates that the vaccine is good for one year. Once your dog has reached their adult stage, the vaccine is good for three years at a time.
We will work to get your dog or other pets on a schedule for not only rabies but any other shots that they require, too.

Book an Appointment for Your Pet Today

Whether you have a puppy who needs their first round of rabies vaccines or you are new to town and want to get your pet caught up on shots, we are here for you. At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we are committed to helping pets of all sizes and ages avoid getting sick. While we are in Ferndale, we can also help pet owners in Monticello and Liberty.

Learn more about rabies prevention and other ways to focus on wellness by making an appointment with our veterinarian today. We can provide a full wellness check and get your pet updated on all of their vaccines.

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