Spay and Neuter

Here at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we provide first-rate veterinary care, including spay and neuter surgeries.  If you reside in Ferndale, Monticello, Liberty, or anywhere else in Sullivan County, we want to be your animal hospital.  Although spay and neuter is a relatively minor procedure, it may be the most important surgery your pet will ever have.  


Why Is Spaying or Neutering So Important?

There are many reasons.  The first is to reduce the number of unwanted animals.  Many people think there will surely be enough homes for all new puppies and kittens.  That could not be further from the truth.  Lucky ones end up in animal shelters. While at these shelters, animals receive medical care, and some are even adopted into loving forever homes. However, the sad reality is that many animals who wind up in shelters never make it into a family.  Many shelters are unfortunately forced to euthanize animals if they do not get adopted.  They simply don't have enough space for all of them. 

Another reason to have your pets spayed or neutered is to preserve their health.  Females animals that have litter after litter or go through several heat cycles are at high risk for cancer.  Males that are not neutered will roam to find a mate, putting them in all kinds of danger.  Spay and neuter surgeries are virtually painless for pets and will ultimately prolong their lives.  As a responsible veterinarian practice, we encourage spaying or neutering your pet.  Our veterinary staff is highly skilled at performing these procedures.

Familiarize Yourself with Our Hospital

Throughout this website, there are various sections you can read.  They will help you become familiar with our facility and what we do at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County.   

Schedule Routine Visits with Us

If you are already a patient of ours, make sure you and your pet stop in for routine visits.  If you are not, stop in to meet us.  Either way, the more you and your fur baby get to know us, the more comfortable you will both be when coming in for necessary veterinary care.  Each of our doctors is a skilled veterinarian.  Our support staff is also quite knowledgeable about pet care. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today. 

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