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Pet Ultrasound Services at Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

Your pet may be behaving strangely, refusing food and experiencing discomfort. Our veterinarians at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County in Ferndale, New York, offer non-intrusive diagnostics for your pet and pet ultrasound to uncover the reason for your pet’s distress and discomfort. Pet ultrasound is a unique technology that allows vets and their owners to get details on common illnesses and injuries without an incision.  Learn more about pet ultrasounds and how a session may benefit your pet.


Common Reasons for a Pet Ultrasound

Pet ultrasounds can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions in a pet. A dog ultrasound may be used to diagnose pregnancy. However, cardiac ultrasounds and abdominal ultrasounds for pets can be used to monitor the state of tumors and cysts, evaluate heart conditions and identify abdominal organ changes.

Pet ultrasounds give detailed information on the health of soft tissue structures, including muscle, organs, and blood vessels. A pet may have injured themselves when swallowing a foreign object or have pregnancy difficulties. An ultrasound for a cat or dog will provide necessary details for an accurate diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes. Pets and pet owners benefit from this painless procedure.

Most pets are quite comfortable during the ultrasound process. A light sedation may be recommended for pets showing signs of anxiety or distress. Most pets do very well without sedation. The safe diagnostic tool offers high-quality imaging of the internal structures of an affected area. Speak with our veterinarian at Animal Hospital of Sullivan in Ferndale, New York for more details on prepping a pet for an ultrasound appointment.

What to Expect from a Pet Ultrasound Session

What should pet owners know about having their pet receive a pet ultrasound? The majority of pets lay comfortably on their side while being scanned. Anxious or stressed pets may receive a mild sedative. A pet ultrasound does not generally require the use of anesthesia. This real time process allows for immediate reviewing of results.

For high-quality imaging, it is important to shave the fur of the area where an ultrasound probe will make contact with the skin of a pet. Our vets need the probe to make full contact. A pregnancy diagnosis may be an exception. In most cases, shaving off fur permits the taking of quality images by the pet ultrasound machine and veterinarian.

Pet Ultrasound at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County has served pets and owners in Liberty, Loch Sheldrake, Swan Lake, Youngsville, Jeffersonville, Parksville, Callicoon, Roscoe, Livingston Manor, Rock Hill and Wurtsborough for over 60 years. Non-intrusive diagnostics for your pet, including cardiac and abdominal ultrasound for pets, are available at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, an accredited member of AAHA. Our veterinary team is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care to beloved pets and their owners. Contact the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County at 845-292-6711 to schedule your pet ultrasound appointment today.

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